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This castle has been classified as a historic monument since 1862. It is one of the most beautiful castles in France. It forms a gigantic ensemble of forts from the 13th, 15th, 16th and 18th centuries, unique in Europe. It has an impressive defense system and therefore did not undergo any military attack throughout its history. This makes this castle in an amazingly good state of preservation.
During a guided tour or individually on your own, the dungeons, towers, caves, canals, cannon holes, drawbridge ... take you through the heart of medieval history and make a journey into the time of the knights. Upstairs there is a terrace and this offers a beautiful view over the whole of the castle and the green landscape around it. Spread over the entire year, activities are provided in this castle, such as studios, festivals, games, etc. The first week of August the Bonaguil-Fumel festival in the Bonaguil castle and the Natural Theater of Fumel offer theater plays.
This beautiful castle is located in Saint-Front-sur-Lémonce (47500) but is owned by Fumel. From Pontcirq you can drive by car for 40 minutes (33 km). TIP; Choose the route via Frayssinet-le-Gélat, also a very beautiful and picturesque village !!


Aminata uitstap pont valentre

The Pech Merle cave is located in the French department of Lot, in the valley of the river Célé. It is a rich and varied route to discover the underground world. Natural geological formations can be found in various caves over a length of two kilometers, such as prehistoric paintings and engravings of more than 20 000 years old. These are counted among the most beautiful in France. It is also a beautiful stalactite cave. In these caves you can admire, among other things, drawings of bison, horses, mammoths, aurochs, deer and figures whose meaning is unclear. Stenciled hands are also found. With this technique, the hand is pressed against the rock and powder dye is blown over it. In this way an imprint of the hand is created on the rock. There are also drawings of people and a number of petrified footprints.


This village lies on top of a steep rock about a hundred meters above the river Lot and has always been popular with painters and artists. The area of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is 18.7 km², the population density is 11.1 inhabitants per km². In 2012 it was voted "Le village préféré des Français" by French television viewers. (the chosen, most beloved village by the French). The center with narrow and steep streets with half-timbered houses is completely car-free and that makes it pleasant to roam the streets. The village has numerous galleries and nice shops. Almost all of them are beautiful buildings that are worth seeing inside. There is also a museum in the Maison de la Fordonne where the history of Saint Cirq is told. Next to the Office de la Tourisme, a road leads to the castle. If you climb up here you will reach the highest point of the village and you have a beautiful view over the river.


Aminata uitstap pont valentre

Rocamadour or Roc-Amadour is a city in the Massif Central in France, located in the Lot department. The city is after Lourdes the most visited pilgrimage site in France and is built on a rock in the middle of the Causse de Gramat, a vast limestone plateau and part of the Causses du Quercy. There is a castle on top of the rock. Via a winding path (or a lift) one can reach the sanctuary, a series of chapels with frescoes and a church. Via a staircase in which many fossils of marine origin are visible, one comes to the bottom of the mountain. There is the very tourist town with its narrow streets.


Aminata uitstap pont valentre

Cahors est une commune française et la capitale du département du Lot. La ville se situe dans un méandre du Lot et est presque complètement entourée d'eau. L'emplacement est unique: à égale distance de l'océan Atlantique, de la mer Méditerranée et des Pyrénées.
La vieille ville de Cahors, construite sur une péninsule le long des rives du Lot, offre une atmosphère agréable avec ses ruelles et son architecture. Le pont Valentré (Pont Valentré), exemple classique d'un pont de la forteresse médiévale et symbole de la ville, a été construit au XIVe siècle. Elle est maintenant inscrite sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO. Cette magnifique structure renforcée avec des têtes de pilier est particulière car elle possède trois tours qui devaient défendre l'entrée de la ville. Ces derniers rendent ce pont unique au monde! La construction du pont a commencé en 1308. La construction du pont a pris 70 ans et c'est ainsi que le mythe du diable est né. Le constructeur du pont aurait vendu son âme au diable, mais s'en serait débarrassé par une ruse. En représailles, le diable détruit chaque nuit ce qui avait été ajouté à la tour centrale la veille. Pour cette raison, lors de la restauration du XIXe siècle, un diable a été ajouté à la tour centrale et, parfaitement visible depuis la magnifique rive, le pont Valentré peut également être découvert à bord d'un bateau en naviguant dans les méandres du Lot.
Dans la vieille ville animée, la cathédrale Saint-Étienne, élevée par deux dômes, possède un beau portail roman avec un tympan sculpté. La cathédrale est un bâtiment monumental, composé de différentes parties de différentes époques. C'est donc une collection de toutes sortes de styles architecturaux du XIe au XVIIe siècle. La place Olivier-de-Magny, non loin de là, avec ses belles demeures anciennes, le manoir Roaldès et ses nombreuses rues commerçantes font de Cahors une halte très appréciée, d'autant plus que la cité médiévale est aussi une halte gastronomique, avec ses célèbres vin rouge.

Du pain Du vin...(bread and wine)

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Different wine castles with possibility of tasting, for exemple Château Lagrezette (Malbec) in Caillac at 18 minutes (15 km).

The Lot on your mobile phone

Aminata uitstap Lagrezette

Discover the Lot department with a selection of sightseeing tours by car, on foot, by bicycle, by mountain bike and even by boat.
Travel around thirty circuits to discover Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Rocamadour, Figeac, Cahors, the valleys of the Lot and Célé, but also the Regional Natural Park of Causses du Quercy (43’ from Pontcirq).

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Gindou Film Festival

Gindou film festival

Film meetings are held every year in Gindou. These take place in an amphitheater with 700 places in the open air. Parallel to the screenings there are daily chats with meetings between filmmakers, actors and the public, and there are concerts and a traveling bookstore. Known worldwide and at a small distance (16 km) from our B&B and cottages!